The Vamos México Foundation, together with the MANOS program, is concerned with the well-being of the Mexican population. That is why on the 22nd of January 2020, a health workshop was held within the facilities of the Fox Center, where different health specialists exposed very interesting topics to a specific audience. This in order for them to identify the relevant points and thus work in a scientific and grounded way in the different institutions where they work, seeking the nutritional health of their families.


As a first topic, the role played by nutrition in health was discussed by the graduate in nutrition named Angélica Medina Cruz, where she spoke of the importance of food in society, as well as cardiovascular diseases that mainly affect the heart. and this causes, causing critical damage to the population. He stressed that the consumption of the "good eating plate" should be carried out in daily life as a guide to identify and carry out a balanced diet, since it contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and proteins.


The second topic was exposed by Dr. Enrique Ríos, who is working for a foundation called Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization where they care about the global problem of malnutrition, they are dedicated to giving donations of vitamin A, Albendazole, and multivitamins to local organizations, benefiting their people with difficult access to health services.


Vitamin A deficiency is caused by lack of food intake and as a consequence can lead to childhood diseases, such as diarrhea and measles, that is why Vitamin Angels is interested and works to prevent this problem, especially in children.

Albendazole is applied in children from 2 to 5 years old and contributes to the elimination of intestinal parasites and thus achieve a better diet. The WHO recommends washing fruits and vegetables, drinking purified water and having good hygiene to prevent such intestinal infections.

As a last point the Dr. talked a little about multivitamins, these are in the form of capsules that are mainly given to pregnant women in order to prevent any abnormality in the fetus. It also prevents anemia in pregnant women and improves fetal growth and weight since the multivitamin is composed of vitamins A, B and C, iron, and Zinc among others.

This is all a strategy by the Vitamin Angels organization to support sustainable micronutrient distribution systems.

The third topic was taught by the nutritionist Andrea Flores Boyoli, where the most relevant points were children's health, as well as obesity that is increasingly present not only in the country but throughout the world. He stressed that to prevent this problem, you must carry out the proper diet according to rule 43 of the Mexican official standard, better known as the plate of good eating, in addition to continuously exercising and thus preventing obesity from a young age.




The last topic was by the nutrition graduate Dora Meléndez, and she outlined some tips for an optical diet, since she considers that a correct diet is the set of eating habits that meet specific needs at different stages of life.

  • As a first point, it is recommended to follow the diet of Plate of good eating, as well as taking the time necessary to eat food and avoid eating quickly.
  • It is also important to stay hydrated, drink plain and purified water in abundance.
  • Avoid excess in foods and sugary drinks
  • Stay active through physical activity
  • Seeking advice with an expert in the area of nutrition is also essential


All this in order to be in a balanced and healthy diet that is the most important thing in each person, with these words the nutritionist ended the workshop.



The message for the entire public was to become aware of their diet and that of the entire family and/or associations, to work on what does not meet the requirements within the diet plan that said experts mentioned in the workshop.

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