Our purpose -
Our purpose is to create socially responsible leaders that have an impact on society and the world through education, technology, and social participation, as an individual or by forming a social network; the purpose is to help reduce extreme poverty and foster development with equity and the promotion of cultural values through a humanistic vision.
It is our belief that eradicating poverty must be a global effort. Poverty in Mexico is not just a problem for that country; it has become an issue to be confronted worldwide. When people do not have access to jobs and resources that would enable them to take care of themselves and their children, they seek out places where those resources exist. By helping Mexicans improve their lives and their opportunities at home-through education, job training and improved living conditions – we can empower them to break the poverty cycle.
-Our goals
To strengthen the civil society within Mexico by establishing and supporting health and education programs that will directly benefit vulnerable portions of Mexican society.
To conduct programs in the United States to strengthen civil society within Mexico and enhance Mexican programs devoted to health and education.
To offer grants for general charitable purpose to Vamos Mexico Foundation and to Centro Fox*, the first and only presidential library outside the U.S.
Centro Fox is a tax-exempt, not for profit organization. / Under section 501 (c) (3) of the internal Revenue Code. / Revenue code. Tax ID # 52-236-1247