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Our purpose is to create socially responsible leaders that have an impact on society and the world through education, technology, and social participation, as an individual or by forming a social network; the purpose is to help reduce extreme poverty and foster development with equity and the promotion of cultural values through a humanistic vision.
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Is a charity dedicated to support the most vulnerable population sectors, trying to attain a society that is more humane, responsible and participative. Lines of action:
  • • Social and human development
  • • Strenghtening of non profit organizations.
Is a non-profit organization who´s mission is to diseminate ideas for a better world. Allied with national and international educational institutions, we generate events with world leaders, ofering training workshops, seminars, courses, conferences, forums, masters and specific programs as President for a Day and School of Music and community development.
Our programs
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We provide independence for people with motor disabilities through the delivery of wheelchairs. More than just delivering wheelchairs, we provide motor freedom to create new opportunities and achieve a higher quality of social life. THE WORLD TURNS THROUGH A WHEELCHAIR AND OUR WORLD TURNS FOR YOU


We contribute with 172,000 daily doses to people with manifestations of disease or malnutrition, giving them the nutritional powder Hope Blend, made with aloe vera that strengthens the immune system, greatly reducing respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. WE ENSURE CHILDHOOD, PRESERVING HEALTH AND FEEDING DREAMS.


We offer integral rehabilitation services; hydrotherapy, auditory and language therapy, physical–paediatric therapy, physical therapy for adults and children, neurological and psychological to people with some type of disability and in vulnerable situations, in addition to our art workshops and artistic expressions. THERE IS NOTHING STRONGER THAN THE UNION OF VOLUNTEERS WITH CAUSE.



We attend your different health risks. We connect, channel and link you with public and private institutions to provide you with the best solution, your safety and well-being is our greatest commitment. WE ACCOMPANY YOU IN HEALING PROCESS, LEAVING A POSITIVE FOOTPRINT.


We link with institutions to promote the development of each individual, strengthening their self-esteem, life plan, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, among others. We lead them to create a healthier life emotionally and internally, resulting in a balance in coexistence and personal growth. WE WALK TO YOUR SIDE IN YOUR GROWTH AND MENTAL HEALTH PROCESS.


We promote the development of communities near San Cristóbal, preparing terrain for the next generations, developing their leadership to reduce the problems related to poverty, physical, emotional, social and psychological discomfort in each inhabitant. WE DRIVE COMMUNITIES IN DEVELOPMENT, BELIEVING IN THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.

School of Music

The project "School of Music" originated from the need to respond to the demand to create spaces for musical learning, through a process that contributed to the integral and permanent development of children and young people, creating not only musical groups , but generating an important symphony orchestra in the state.

The purpose of our music school is to have a cultural activity in which the members of the various communities can find in musical expression a way to use their free time for the common good. In the population that we are focusing on, there is a great willingness and talent to be able to carry out artistic activities, since they have great learning potential.


We support your growth through professional training, offering courses, workshops, certifications and two annual forums with great experts in Volunteering, Social Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, Marketing, among other topics to improve the vulnerable environment. WE CARRY YOUR ORGANIZATION TO ACHIEVE ITS POTENTIAL, JOINING YOUR CAUSE.


We accompany your organization to professionalization through professional volunteering for a year, developing strategies and sustainable projects, creating a bond with the causes and young philanthropists. WE JOIN THE GROWTH AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR SOCIAL CAUSES.


We promote change, in coordination with the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and the Reality Changers program, we select a group of young people to receive an academic program in the United States that will lead them to live experiences that strengthen their personal, family and social growth, generating a positive change in their environment. WE FORM LEADERS OF INTERNATIONAL SIZE FOR A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES.

President For a Day

We are interested in forming socially responsible leaders, who generate actions that have a positive impact on society. In the President for a day experience, you will develop Personal and Social leadership skills, through 4 complementary modules.


 Library and Museum

The Information and Documentation Center offers users, in person and remotely, information and documentation related to the thematic areas of Centro Fox, which will promote civic and ethical education for users, through quality services and the most advanced technology.

Our library is a pioneering academic institution in its area, which offers all visitors to know the graphic representation of the facilities of the Los Pinos offices, since we have identical replicas of the presidential office, as well as a vast exhibition of medals and decorations of former President Vicente Fox, which will make each of the attendees live the presidential experience closely.