Bread of life

Mexico is a country with over 119,530,000 inhabitants, of which 46% are living in poverty, and 9% are living in extreme poverty (11.4 million). Approximately 1,709,300 households in the country are in a category of food insecurity, according to their perception or experience of hunger. This is a result of serious problems regarding availability, access, and consumption of food. The prevalence of malnutrition in children under 5 years is 13.6% and anemia by iron deficiency is 23.3%, chronic malnutrition in the age group of 5-14 years is 7.25% in urban populations, and the figures double in rural areas. These problems must be addressed in an urgent priority due to its serious short term and long term consequences on health and education, and the enormous impact on human capital in the long term. The educational decline, lack of social security, and basic living services signify equity gaps within the population, which are determining factors that have contributed to 21.2 million children in the country to live in poverty. We serve 43 social organizations which benefit 4,000,169 children, as well as 2,000,926 children who are served by soup kitchens in rural areas. For social organizations that distribute food, this expense can represent up to 70% of their spending, this makes it more difficult to provide adequate food. With the objective to support the nutrition of vulnerable children, who are cared for at foster homes, shelters, and soup kitchens, we distribute food, nutritional supplements, and basic necessities which provide children a healthy development.

Main Achievements

During 7 years, we supported 32 social organizations, month by month, from the municipalities of León, Cortázar, San Felipe, and San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato. In 2012, a collaboration agreement was signed with MannaRelief which allowed us to strengthen our contribution to social organizations that serve children. We delivered the food supplement, Phytoblend, which is made from fruit and vegetables through a hydroponic process. This food supplement contributes to 100% of the vitamins and minerals a child needs for his mental development.

Over 254,000 HOPE bars were distributed to 4,169 children, who are served through 43 foster homes, day cares, and soup kitchens. The impacted states include: Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Mexico City, Estado de Mexico, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nuevo León, Oaxaca, and Veracruz.

In this year, 2016, Vamos México and MannaRelief have the goal to support the nutrition of 20,000 children with Protein Puffs.

Community development


To promote community development to reverse the conditions of marginalization and poverty due to different causes in rural areas, constituting one of the biggest challenges facing the community as a whole; hence the importance of working with community leaders to promote active, conscious, and responsible participation by the citizens, promoting development and creating agents of change.

We have undertaken various actions to contribute to this task: Group work through partnerships with community, private, and public organizations, and nongovernmental organizations that share our vision of community development.

To strengthen the community in different areas: security, education, productivity, etc.

To inculcate in the leaders, the labor of an auto assessment, which will allow the community to identify and address its needs.

To improve family and social dynamics of these social groups through job trainings, enabling them to obtain a lawful income.

To contribute to the development of the community and the training of leaders with values and principles, which allow them to make smart decisions in their lives, in order to promote their development and actively participate in society.

Program Impact

We have networked and linked local organizations to execute work relating to the trainings, orientation, and preventions, within the educational programs on food orientation, health, use of resources, self improvement, values, environmental conservation, productive activities, cultural and recreational events, receiving support from public and private institutions through counsel, training, and monitoring.

We developed with the people of the community of Nuevo Jesús del Monte, the productive projects of the nopal orchards, in its first stage with 25 orchards, and in this second stage with 14 members of the group up to date, in addition to the weekly commercialization and marketing of their product.

Beneficiaries’ Profile

People, who are interested because they want take advantage of their experience, need to be productive, who do not have access to resources nor have a job in the productive structure of the community.

Women and men with a level of food vulnerability.

People of the community who are interested in training to enhance their knowledge and skills as entrepreneurs. Children 6-16 years of age, with interest to participate in sports for development. Men and women, seniors, interested in joining a recreational group, coexistence, self-help, who respect the opinions of others and participate in the programs’ activities.

Attention to the Community

The importance of working with leaders to promote development and becoming agents of change, which encourages active and conscious participation of the population of the communities of San Cristobal and its surroundings, through trainings, counseling, and personal development programs, involving parents.

We serve different aspects of the community.

Attention to older adults (creating links and relationships with resources and the community)

Community and public space improvement.

Guidance and channeling to transactions with government agencies.

Training for small traders.

Advice for the organization of community groups for productive projects.

Training and Prevention

To the community: Productive projects, personal development, business values, crafts, auto employment, auto consumption, and entrepreneurs.

Prevention for youth and adolescents, regarding health, violence, addictions, sexuality, and life skills.

Older adult health prevention, activation, integration, and literacy.

To develop, emphasize, and provoke emotions which allow the creative process to be an element of personal development, discovering in the creations the capacity and possibilities of another way to express themselves through training, guidance, and prevention, in educational programs on food guidance, health, use of resources, self improvement, values, environmental conservation, productive activities, and cultural and recreational events, through the support and assistance of public and private institutions, with counsel, training, and monitoring.


The Integral Rehabilitation Center of San Miguel de Allende, CRISMA, operates under a model of comprehensive health care, aimed at developing and strengthening the capacity of our beneficiaries’ independence, allowing them to incorporate themselves into social and productive activities according to their potential.

Our mission is “to improve the health and quality of life of people with physical and neurological disabilities, through high quality services and empathy towards them and their families.” We work hard each day to achieve “to become this country’s model research and habilitation center”.

Our efforts are oriented towards serving children and adults, who due to their socioeconomic status do not have access to health services in San Miguel de Allende and the region.

Our intervention is based on three lines of action in the areas of physical medicine and rehabilitation:

  • Diagnostic
  • Treatment
  • Canalization

We provide services specialized in two areas:

Pediatric Rehabilitation

We treat children with physical and/or brain harm or injuries, which temporarily or permanently affect their independence in daily living, in order to enable, rehabilitate, and stimulate their movements and skills. The services we offer are: Early stimulation, Psychomotor development, Physical therapy, Hydrotherapy, Communication and language therapy.

Physical Rehabilitation

We help adults with illnesses and physical harm which generate temporary or permanent disabilities, caused by injuries, cardiovascular events, and chronic degenerative diseases. The services we offer are: Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Mechanotherapy, Cryotherapy, and Thermotherapy.

Culture Center

The Culture Center offers its visitors a place of history and a perspective towards the future, providing leadership experiences through diverse and varied artistic and cultural expressions developed within our facilities, which give us the opportunity to learn and explore the richness of this place.

Among the activities, temporary exhibitions, concerts, and performances, towards the benefit of our community’s programs, festivals, and much more, all aim in bringing a cultural experience for our visitors.

Education at a distance

Centro Fox’s Education at a Distance Node, as part of the Sistema Nacional de Educación a Distancia, (National System of Education at a Distance), was established to as a program to encourage continued formal education, at a distance. Through institutional actions online, it promotes knowledge management supported by the strategic use of technology. It is supported by different educational and government institutions, such as La Secretaría de Educación Pública de la Federación, la Universidad de Colima, La Universidad de Guanajuato, la Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato, y la Asociación Nacional de Universidades e Instituciones de Educación Superior (The National Association of Universities and Institution of Higher Education).

This program supports, advises, and trains approximately 195 people a week through professional education, life skills courses, employment trainings, and educational tools, among others, provided to research centers and companies of the community and the surrounding areas. It is responsible for the detection of educational needs and to provide the community with online educational project s and proposals.


To promote education at a distance to strengthen the quality, coverage and equity of education in Mexico, through the institutionalization of social educational networks, as well as integration, and development and dissemination of technologies, products, and innovative educational services which generate the generation of knowledge towards economy growth and social welfare.


To promote personal and professional growth through the use of technology and education at a distance, as a means to success, giving light to new options for self improvement as to provide quality work experience with the firm objective to obtain a better quality of life.


To reduce the educational dropout rate in different areas, by providing the option of education and trainings online, with all its benefits and advantages offered. To contribute to the formation of leaders with values, principles, with great professional goals, which enable them to bestow their comprehensive and successful development to society.

Information and Documentation Center

Library Centro Fox

The Information and Documentation Center offers its users in person and at distance information and documentation relating to the thematic areas of Centro Fox, through quality services. Our principles consist of public access to the information and knowledge regardless of gender, age, race, beliefs, or social condition.

Our Mission

To offer its users in person and at distance information through books, documents, investigations, publications, and databases, through quality services, providing access to the necessary information to enrich the information and education.

Our Vission

To be an Information and Documentation Center focused on its area of expertise.

Our Objectives

To respond to the needs of information and documentation to students, teachers, researchers, and the public in general. To offer quality services to enrich and update the documents in different materials and documents, and provide access to the databases which are necessary information for the Center, and to create a library network with the educational and investigational institutions which form part of the Centro Fox.

Music School

It is important to mention that one of the permanent programs is titled “Orchestra, Choirs, and Community Ensembles of Centro Fox”, which objective is musical and human growth within the children and youth who comprise the group, thus allowing them to become better human beings through music and contributing to the progress of the communities where it operates.

The project is aimed towards children and adolescents between 7-18 year olds, and all residents of the communities surrounding Centro Fox.

Currently, we are serving 14 communities surrounding the Centro Fox, achieving to improve the life expectancy, and regenerating the social fabric, by reinforcing values and skills such as teamwork, discipline, attention, concentration, and artistic sensitivity.


Since 2013, with the mission of providing an integral education for children and adolescents living in impoverished areas and with scarce resources, the Centro Fox started the Orchestra, Choirs, and Community Ensembles of Centro Fox project.


Today, the project has a symphonic instrumental provision with which it has instructed more than one hundred children and adolescents in managing them having different high quality concerts.


To strengthen the community musical group as a strong program in constant musical and human growth, contributing to the progress of the communities, making significant progress those who make part of the orchestra, choirs and ensembles.

  • 200 Students from 14 communities, with the objective to transform lives.
  • To improve the self esteem of the children and adolescents, through musical activities, creating a sense of belonging and leadership in any space.
  • To shape children and adolescents of the communities surrounding Centro Fox interested in the development of musical activities.
  • To contribute towards strengthening the creative development of the individual, as well as increasing the individual’s self value and social identity.
  • To instill values in the society, such as family unity, tolerance, respect and love towards culture, team work, and national identity.

President for a day

President for a Day promotes personal and social skills in leadership, in order to reduce school dropout rates; we encourage students to have aspirations and interest towards continuing their education and establishing mechanisms for effective participation to solve social aspects by which they are affected.

The program is dedicated towards students from preschool to university levels, of disadvantaged public and private sectors.

The children and adolescents work in a four-hour theory-practical workshop, divided in two modules: Civic Participation and the Development of Potential.

Our objective is to contribute to the formation of civic leaders, with values, responsible and committed to themselves and their community.

In the program, Civic Participation, we encourage student participation in school matters. During their participation in the program, children and adolescents analyze and reflect on current issues and define what is needed to solve, establishing a group commitment.

Guided by the “President for a day” (the group leader), each member applies their individual skills and talents, through assignments in order to achieve the established goals.

In the program, Developing Potential, children and adolescents discover their skills and abilities, leadership qualities, and values, to identify those which can be improved and increased.

Social management

The area of Social Management was created due to the need to address petitions and requests from the public, in order to contribute to the improvement of quality of life and to generate links with other organizations towards the general well being of the society.

Social Management provides warm, empathetic, and professional attention to people who ask for support, by being a resource for those in need, working to support and help other feels cared for and heard; providing support and guidance for them to recognize their abilities to solve their problems and take initiative to seek alternatives.

In this area, support requests are received primarily from the population with limited access to health, education, legal, and psychological resources; with the objective to attend all the cases which require our assistance, giving priority to those in which life is at risk, by managing, guiding, and providing funds.

Sports and Leadership

We are located in the heart of Mexico in the community of San Cristóbal, San Francisco del Rincón Guanajuato. Being located in a largely rural region, with communities of various levels of social marginalization, it is a priority to contribute to the potential growth.

Proposing, as an objective, to contribute to the development of the communities near our facilities, promoting social empowerment as a tool which encourages self management in the search for alternatives for effective solutions.

To achieve this objective, we have implemented several initiatives which involve the entire population’s participation in activities, according to their needs, interests, and skills, always with the vision of active participation towards the benefit of families.

Through the Sports and Leadership program, we seek to contribute to the development of a healthier and oriented population. It works with children and adolescents in the communities surrounding the Centro Fox facilities, to train citizens through sports to discover their talents and strengths, giving them the ability to analyze situations, solve problems, and make good decisions that allow them to reach their full potential.

By implementing sports and human development programs to enable children and adolescents from the communities surrounding the Centro Fox, to discover their potential and build purpose of a healthy life to promote: the decline in violence, addiction prevention and school drop outs, by strengthening leadership and solidarity in work.

Giving way to the formation of leaders through sport in the area of influence of the Centro Fox, through a school soccer team and a community little league.


The population’s training and education are keys to the sustainable development we seek to achieve, for this we undertook several actions working together through partnerships with public and private organizations that share the vision and commitment to the development of people.

Any change and growth within the community starts with its people, so each effort is focused on empowering and strengthening of children, adolescents, women, and older adults.

Current Projects

Addiction Prevention, Student Violence and Abuse, Family Parents, Music School Teachers.

Personal Development for the Community’s School Parents.

Training for Adolescents Regarding Health.

Prevention of Dating Violence within Middle School and High School Students

Community Groups: Human Development

Sports and Leadership:

Our goal is to work, through soccer, with 160 minors from the community

8th Annual Athletic Run San Cristóbal

The Academic and Research Center of Centro Fox.

The Academic and Research Center provides academic opportunities based on high quality specialty topics, aimed to train and strengthen leaders in areas related to the development of political, business, and personal leadership, as well as human excellence.

As part of its activities, the Centro Fox designs and implements solutions towards the development of high performance individual and team talents, through the implementation of academic programs.

The Academic and Research Center’s mission is to develop training programs of human and professional talent, towards improved performance of companies and organizations, which enable participants to develop and become agents of change in the present and future environment.

Training Programs

We provide courses, workshops, courses, seminars and conferences based on the development issues regarding high performance teams through basic skills, such as teamwork, effective communication, conflict management, emotional intelligence, empowerment, image and business protocol, self management, new management, retaining talent within the company, critical thinking, happiness as a competitive strategy, business coaching, innovation in business, among others. We also design and implement programs tailored to the needs of the company, committed to long term results.

All these are held as in house programs, as well as through relationships with academic institutions such as Texas Christian University, the University of the Incarnate Word, Amigos de la Letra Impresa A.C., Instituto de Investigación Ortega y Gasset, UNITEC, and organizations of talent promotion, such as Buzan Latinoamérica and Start Up Mexico.

Special Projects

In addition, the academic area of the Centro Fox builds technological development, entrepreneurial development and life and work training platforms for the youth of the communities surrounding the institution, as well as young talents of the region through various events such as the Hackaton with Campus Party, entrepreneurship camps, and the High Center Performance with Start Up Mexico.

Lastly, we developed a business linking platform through the CITEK form, which brings together business, government and camera leaders, as well as founders of start ups, at an event that unites the sectors that move Mexico: energy, automotive, aerospace, IT, and finance.

The event takes place every year in October, and offers great opportunities to deliver proposals, initiatives, and best practices, exchanges of ideas for development and sustainable business continuity, which require disruptive and innovative ways of thinking.

Trainings for Non Governmental Organizations

The operation of social organizations require employees characterized by a solid knowledge base, dynamic interpersonal skills, creativity, and initiative in their financial, administrative, logistics process, infrastructure, and planning, which enables them to integrate and strengthen in the organization’s work.

The program provides professional trainings to social organizations, regarding the development of new management and leadership skills through the professionalization of the staff.

Our objective is to support and strengthen organizations through professional trainings to enable them to provide quality services to its beneficiaries.

  • Consulting and Support
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Certifications
  • Congresses
  • Forums

Main Achievements


  • Vamos México Forum: Was held at the ITESM Mexico City facilities, and was transmitted live via satellite in the receiving salons in the universities around the country.
  • Forum: “Volunteer Participation in Social Organizations”.
  • Laughter Therapy International Forum: In collaboration with Cuenta con tú Risa A.C., a conference by Hunter Patch Adams.
  • National Development for Social Organizations Forum VII- In collaboration with Fundación Nosotros los Jóvenes.
  • Volunteer Regional Forum- 3 editions.
  • Fundraising Forum 2016- “ Sustainability is to Innovate”


  • Online 1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition of “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations”.
  • “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations” 1st and 2nd editions- in collaborations with: Universidad de Colima, Universidad Veracruzana, Instituto Tecnológico de Durango, CETYS Universidad (Mexicali campus), and the Instituto Politécnico Nacional.
  • “Social Management” 1st and 2nd edition with the Universidad Iberoamericana. Operation of Social Organizations.


  • “Donors and Financial Campaigns”, by Robert V. Edgar.
  • “Understanding the Donation”, by Jerold Panas.
  • Today, I Discover What is Inside of Me”, by Mrs. Ángeles Treviño.
  • “Autism in Mexico”, by Dr. César Reynoso.


  • Volunteering Management.
  • Basic Tools for Fundraising.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Volunteering and Social Work.
  • Building Partnerships and Networks.
  • Self Generating Resources under Non Governmental/Non Profit Organizations.
  • Case Study of Anti- Money Laundering Law and Tax Reform 2014.
  • Social Networks within Non Governmental/Non Profit Organizations.
  • Boot Camp “Training for Social Businessmen of High Impact”.
  • Successful Group Work.
  • Caring for the Caregiver.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
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